What is the STSC?

The Superyacht Technology Steering Council will be comprised of leading superyacht and technology professionals, both in industry and crew.

The STSC will support, guide, lay foundations and implement change for moving the industry forward.

The STSC will be a forum to nurture and support innovative technologies in yachting, a safe space to share, to learn and to collaborate.

The STSC will be a space to discuss not only technology, but important topics like ethics and sustainable yachting and what we can do together, to make positive change.

We will provide a peer to peer knowledge support network.

The Superyacht Technology Steering Council 5 Mandates

Provide a forum to nurture and support innovative technologies in yachting.

We will establish a working group to organize a functional peer to peer network for sharing knowledge and working together to solve technical challenges in super yachting. This will be a safe space where every idea and opinion is considered and discussed free from commercial and operational constraints. We can use the experience and technical knowledge of all stakeholders to improve the efficiency of current systems and blueprint the development of intelligent innovations.

Provide a gateway for mainstream and superyacht companies to work together to improve our industry and learn from each other.

Both mainstream technology companies and superyacht companies have a lot to offer each other both in terms of technological advances and business practices and experience. This working group will work to provide a coherent platform and structure for companies to communicate and discuss this together. We will facilitate the introduction of new companies into the industry and guide them through the specific operational and industry challenges of building, maintaining, and operating superyachts.

Provide a structure to use the power of advanced education programs to help innovation in yachting and train future industry stakeholders.

Superyachting is developing links with institutes of higher education around the world. This working group will develop these links and shape policies and approaches in a way that conforms to the mainstream guidelines for establishing educational programs and applying for funding for research in the relevant fields. In tandem with this the group will work on strategies to bring in graduates and students into super yacht industry companies and assist them with training placements and apprenticeships.

Provide a coherent structure to work with administrative bodies to interpret and develop sustainable legislation for the yachting industry.

Both Flag State and International marine bodies are working hard to improve the quality, safety, and regulation of the marine industry. In some areas superyachting is ahead of the industry in general, and some areas, they are lagging behind. This working group will develop strong and close links with the regulatory bodies and will work as a unified voice with them to advise on regulations and push change where necessary.  It will also provide a coherent voice to the industry advising on the implication of upcoming regulatory changes and issues.

Develop and implement coherent policies towards raising the standard of the industry in Environmental , Equality, and Ethics.

The key to sustainable yachting is not only to make yachting as environmentally friendly as possible, but it is also to make sure the industry is equipped to deal with the future in terms of Equality, both in gender and race, and business Ethics. The perception of the yachting industry vis a vis the general public needs to be raised, and this can only be done by implementing guidelines and common strategies towards improving this. Yachting has grown organically as an industry over the last 40 years and now is the time to rethink the way we do business to make sure that the industry survives into the future.

How do you join the STSC?

We are currently in a consultancy process following the launch of the idea at the Superyacht Technology Network Show and Conference in October 2022.

We encourage you to approach us at this stage with any ideas, questions, and comments which can help us to shape the council.

We will have two levels of membership, Corporate Members and Associate Members.  More details will be revealed later.  However, key criteria for membership will be an application process, identifying what you can bring to the council.

Key criteria for us are:

Are you wanting to help move the industry forward?
Will you work to move the conversation along?
Can you commit to at least one quarterly meeting (some face to face / some Zoom)?
Can you commit to attending an annual face to face AGM?

The STSC is a working council. We are not looking for blue sky ideas, we want to encourage positive change and development collaboratively within the industry.

Who can join the STSC?

We are looking for an equal representation of people from the following categories:









STSC Questionnaire


Application for consideration for Superyacht Technology Steering Council membership

Personal details


View on the superyacht industry

The Superyacht Technology Steering Council mandates

Your Commitment

For more information and to send your completed application please email

Please be as thorough as you can with your answers.

Please note that the first meeting will be one day during 12th – 16th June 2023, in Antibes, France